Challock Parish Council

NOTICE OF THE  MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL, THAT WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY 23rd November 2023 at 19:30 at the Audrey Allen Room, Challock Memorial Hall. All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out in the agenda

Members of the public and press are invited to attend the meeting. Under the Openness of Local

Government Bodies Regulations 2014, attendees may be filmed, recorded, or otherwise reported

about by anyone present. Unless advised otherwise, the council accepts no responsibility for data

recorded in this way or its distribution


  1. Presentation Councillor John Ramsden


To thank John Ramsden for his contribution and many years of voluntary service as a Parish Councillor.

  1. Welcome & Apologies

To receive apologies for absence.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, s 85.

  1. Disclosure of Pecuniary Interests

To receive disclosure of any pecuniary interests relating to meeting agenda items.

Having declared an interest, a member must not participate in discussion on the matter and must not take part in any vote unless an appropriate dispensation has been granted.

Relevant Legislation: Localism Act 2011, s 31.

  1. Councillor Vacancy

 To receive notification on the outcome of Notice of Councillor Vacancy

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, Sch 89.

  1. Approval of Minutes

To approve the minutes of the meeting of the council held on Thursday, 19th October 2023.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, para 41 (1).

  1. Clerk’s report

To receive a report from the Clerk outlining actions taken following the last meeting

  1. Correspondence

To discuss any circulated matters

  1. KALC Ashford Committee Meeting 1st November 2023

To receive report on KALC Ashford Committee Meeting attended by Councillor Walpole

  1. Financial Matters


  1. Bank Account Balances and Reconciliation


To approve and sign the bank account balances and reconciliations for October 2023


  1. To approve and sign Draft Budget & Precept Proposals


To approve and sign the draft budget and Precept 1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025.


  • Authorisation of Payment


A schedule of supplier payments is presented for council resolution to authorise payment.


  1. Grounds Man & Future Lees Track Maintenance.


Relevant Legislation: Accounts & Audit Regulations 2015. Local Government Act 1972, s142.


  1. William Oure Charity


  1. Farm Tenancy Agreement


  1. Accounts Reconciliation


  • Christmas Welfare Hamper


Relevant legislation: Local Government Act 1972 s.145. Charities Act 2011, ss.298-303.


  1. Highways Matters & Highway Improvement Plan


  1. Faversham Road Footpath Scheme Update


  1. Highways Improvement Plan Review


  • Community Speed Watch Scheme


To received report on the community Speed Watch Scheme


Relevant Legislation: Highways Act 1980


  1. The Lees Commons


  1. Grounds Man & Future Lees Track Maintenance.


  1. Marker Posts Installation Strip of Lees


Relevant Legislation: Inclosure Act 1845; Small holdings and Allotments Act 1908, s.34. Open  Spaces Act 1906, ss.9 and 10.  Public Health Act 1875, s.164



  1. Planning Applications


To consider planning policies, applications and appeals received and resolve to

submit comments where appropriate. Please note that any applications received

following the issue of this agenda will be considered.


There are currently no planning applications to discuss.


  1. Funding


  1. S106 Outstanding Developer Contribution Agreements


To review and apply to spend funds on current projects and future projects


  1. Village Community Events


  1. DDAY 80 Commemorative 2024

Parish Council to plan events in commemoration of D-Day 80 years.


  1. Summer Fair 2024

Community Organisations & Clubs Meeting Update


  • Christmas Tree War Memorial


Relevant legislation: Local Government Act 1972 s.145. Charities Act 2011, ss.298-303.


  1. Public Participation


The council meets and makes its decisions in public. A council meeting is not a public meeting. It is a meeting held in public and there is no requirement in law which allows members of the public to speak at such meetings.


However, the council is keen to encourage public attendance at meetings and will therefore provide an opportunity for local registered electors to show they are committed to community engagement.


A maximum of 5 minutes is allowed per person to speak, and the total length of time afforded for public participation at each meeting shall be no more than 20 minutes, subject to an extension of this time, in exceptional circumstances, being agreed by the Chairperson.


Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act, s 100.


  1. Items to be placed on the next Agenda


Any items to be emailed to: no later than Tuesday,

19th December 2023.


  1. The date of the next Ordinary Parish Council meeting will be Thursday, 4th January 2024