About the Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting Dates 2024

Parish Council meetings commence at 7.30pm in the Audrey Allen Room, Challock Memorial Hall.

The 2024 meetings are to be held on the following dates:

Thursday, 11th January

Thursday, 22nd February

Thursday, 21st March

Thursday, 18th April

Thursday, 16th May

Tuesday 21st May 2024 Annual Parish Meeting

Thursday, 20th June

Thursday, 18th July

Thursday, 19th September

Thursday, 17th October

Thursday, 21st November

Parish Council meetings are open for the public to join

If you wish to add an item to the meeting agenda, please contact the Parish Clerk

Tel: 07895494851 or email clerk@challockparishcouncil.gov.uk

Agenda items must be received at least one week before the meeting


Occasionally, a Parish Councillor leaves before the end of their four year term, or insufficient nominations forms are received at election time. Usually such vacancies are filled by co-option. The Parish Council interview people interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and select the candidate whose skills best match the requirement on the Council at that time. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you are interested in being co-opted.