About the Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting Dates 2023

Wednesday, 7th June Annual Parish Meeting

Thursday, 15th June

Thursday, 20th July

Thursday, 21st September

Thursday, 19th October

Thursday, 23rd November

May Elections 2023

Elections for the Parish Council are held every four years. The next election will be May 2023. People interested in joining the Council should contact Ashford Borough Council Electoral Registration Officer or Challock Parish Clerk, for a nomination form, in March 2023. If Ashford Borough Council receives an equal number of nomination forms to places on the Council, you will automatically become a Councillor. If there are more nomination forms received than places on the Council, there will be an election.


Becoming a Parish Councillor

Are you interested in running as a Parish Councillor for Challock.  To find out more information please contact the Parish Clerk.  Kent Association of Local Councils are running three identical online events that last one hour and will give
potential candidates an idea as to the rewarding role they can have as a Councillor in a Parish or Town Council.
17 January 2023
21 February 2023
21 March 2023
All at 7 pm and totally free!

More info on joining the online event contact Parish Clerk Di Sandy parishclerkchallockpc@gmail.com



Occasionally, a Parish Councillor leaves before the end of their four year term, or insufficient nominations forms are received at election time. Usually such vacancies are filled by co-option. The Parish Council interview people interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and select the candidate whose skills best match the requirement on the Council at that time. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you are interested in being co-opted.