Challock Methodist Chapel

On the Lees was a pre-fabricated hut which it is believed was used as a convalescent home in the Great War.  The building was then bought by Mr Headley a devout Quaker from Ashford for the people of Challock and Quaker services were held there on Sunday Mornings with an evening service by a local preacher.

Methodists (including Dot Nightingale and her parents, Mr & Mrs Hare) were meeting in Molash in a brick built chapel. In 1942 it was agreed to sell the Chapel and buy the pre-fabricated hall in Challock.

By 1985 the hall was deteriorating rapidly and Derek Brice, Minister at Faversham, petitioned the Circuit to rebuild the Chapel.  This was authorised and planning permission was granted subject to a car park for 25 cars. Although there were only 5 church members with the Revd Brice’s help fund raising began.

The village ran many events and grants were obtained from a number of sources. Building started in Feb/March 1989 and on May 15th 1989 the foundation stone was laid.

The new chapel was officially opened in November 1989 with almost all of Challock present.  The cost of the project was £95,000 and only £2000 was outstanding. This was cleared in 1994.  Many of the furnishings were gifts given in memory of loved ones.

The building has a small kitchen, toilets, school room and communal hall and is centrally heated. It is used for various village functions and forms part of Challock’s excellent community.