Challock and Molash Community First Responder Unit


After lots of hard work and local help we have finally begun to help the Ambulance Service respond to life threatening calls in the local community.

But we still need your help! We need to raise more funds for life saving equipment and training.

For more information on how we work or to donate please contact:

Craig Bickers 07774636540



Also on Facebook at Challock & Molash Community Responders

As a community we are some distance from the nearest ambulance stations and therefore can sometimes wait longer for an ambulance than is ideal.


The Community First Responder Scheme (CFR Scheme) is designed to empower members of the community to respond to life threatening emergency calls alongside the ambulance service equipped with the appropriate training and equipment. Community First Responders often arrive before the ambulance crews as they usually live round the corner and can begin life saving treatment earlier. The scheme is typically manned by a group of dedicated volunteers working in their own community ideally backed up by a member of the front line team in the ambulance service. The scheme members only need commit a few hours a week to make a huge difference for this worthwhile cause.